November 2015

5 mistakes you’ll never make again!

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When running a recruitment business you constantly feel like you are spinning plates but there are some simple mistakes that you can avoid by just being aware of what they are.

  1. Doing business at any price. When you start a recruitment business it is all too easy to be a little too grateful when you get a piece of work from a client. The thing is, the more strict that you are with yourself on what you will walk away from, the better the foundation that you are building for a scalable business.
  2. Trying to hire people just like you. It takes a mix of people and personalities to make a business work and hiring a whole team of people like you will be nearly impossible. You are setting yourself up for making your selection process very difficult indeed.
  3. Believing the hype. In this digital age it is all too easy to be flattered into supporting causes, events and initiatives simply by being put on a pedestal and being told that people need your help. You will reach a point where you will be nominated for every award under the sun and the simple fact is that most of these awards and events are a thinly guised way of getting you to buy a table at a party.
  4. Don’t think that you know it all. Having a plan and a strategy doesn’t mean that you can’t seek out relevant advice. There is always someone who has achieved more than you and cultivating those relationships might be the most important learning experience that you could have.
  5. Not having a plan. Probably the single most important thing that so many people forget. Have a plan, decide on what you want to achieve and be single minded in its pursuit. It’s not that you can’t be successful without a plan, it’s just that you will probably take twice as long to achieve the same results.


Written by James Torkington, Managing Director of the first2group.

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