May 2015

Come take a look at Opal Tree Solutions


Recruitment is simple, isn’t it? You find people and you send people then that’s it, jobs a fish! For a large number of agencies out there, unfortunately it is. That’s why Opal Tree Solutions partnered with the First2Group, two companies who understand that times have changed and moved on since the 90’s! People change, technologies change, recruitment also changes.

We embrace new ways of working with customers and engaging the best talent.


Opal Tree has been built upon a solid foundation of over a decade of recruitment experience, coupled with the expertise of delivering ultimate customer satisfaction. We don’t sell, we just relay facts that will benefit you and give you the option to decide!


SAP Recruitment is a market of highly experienced, senior, business-minded professionals. Every day we speak with people just like you, who receive call after call from ‘Recruiters’ who haven’t got a clue about what you do! Market feedback confirms, that SAP professionals want to work with people who understand their challenges!


Opal Tree invites you to get in touch and speak with us about how we can help you for many years to come.


Steve Hudson, Managing Director, Opal Tree Solutions

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