May 2015

Murali wins an award !


Prime Minister David Cameron praised the “immense contribution” of South Asian communities to British culture and economy. The prime minister in his message to Asian Lite on it’s sixth anniversary celebrations said: “From business, enterprise and culture to art, food and public service, British Asians excel is so many positive ways and undoubtedly enrich our communities for the better.” The prime minister praised Asian Lite newspaper for “its continuing success and enterprising spirit as well as its work in providing key skills to young people.” Asian Lite, one of the leading newspapers for the British-Asian communities in Britain, has celebrated its sixth anniversary at Sheridan Suite in Manchester with a mega event. The event witnessed the honouring of successful Asian business people by a team of dignitaries and among those honoured was our very own Murali Goluguri who was the very well deserved winner of the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

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